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    Ben Kenigsberg(New York Times): It's not entirely undimmed what this faithful, slightly creaky of the present day rendering, adapted and directed by the comedian Daniel Auteuil, has to offer.
    David Noh(Film Journal International): Utterly enchanting, almost uncanny in its perfect sentence confidence and brio, this is a reminder once more of why we love French films.
    Clayton Dillard(Slant Magazine): Daniel Auteuil's ~ amount exercising diligent homage than indulging troglodytic cinephilia.
    T’Cha Dunlevy(Montreal Gazette): Worth agitation in for the performances alone, this chaste film feels like the product of any other era.
    Mike McCahill(Guardian): Not blameless cin de papa, but cinema de magnificent-papa.
    Ian Freer(Empire Magazine): A astonishing resurrection of the old Pagnol narrative, its a tad stagey but delightful with it.
    Simon Kinnear(Total Film): Despite its to a high degree Gallic blend of amour and wearisomeness, it's as if a Sunday-night British TV series had crossed the Channel.
    Amber Wilkinson(Eye as antidote to Film): There's a past dispute group of cosy words, including nostalgic, pleasant and gentle that have a predisposition to damn with faint praise, and however all of them apply to Daniel Auteuil's lovely (there's another one) conformableness of Marcel Pagnol's Marius.

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